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Change, It's going to happen

Change, It happens. Sometimes because we want it to and sometimes when we don't . Fact of the matter is, we change all the time. We change our hairstyle, we change our toothpaste, we change our doctor, dentist, dry cleaner... the list goes on. Why? Sometimes because we find a better deal. Sometimes we have to change to keep people honest. If you stay with the same cable television provider long enough, eventually you will be paying a hire rate. Sometimes we change because the service we were getting has started to fade. And then there extraneous reasons, our service provider relocates or retires.

That being said, as a home inspector I await change. I wait for your current inspector to move, or retire or provide a less than perfect service. Oh, that won't happen, you say. I've been with the same inspector for "x" years and will never change. Really? Is that inspector the first one you ever used? Is he immortal? Will he never move or retire, well at least not before you, right? I am that inspector right now, before he became your "never will change inspector." Therefore, I await the day when I will be your "I'll never change" inspector. Everyone has to start somewhere. Until we meet...

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