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Yesterday Seamless Home Inspection got a new logo.

When I first started this company I didn't have a lot of cash or a lot of help. I was looking for someone to come up with a logo for my branding and couldn't seem to find anyone to do it for me. So in haste, I downloaded a free version of adobe illustrator off the internet and began to play with it. Well, to be honest, it was like learning a new language. I had no idea how to make things work using it. So when the free download was on its last day and ready to expire I drew what use to be my first logo. The house roof and the window over the door with the underline below the word Seamless. Some people thought it looked like "I" seamless. That was not the look I was going for, but I had to have something to get started.

About a week ago I found a graphic artist in my neighborhood through a friend and sent him my idea. He came back with some totally amazing logos but many of them had abandoned my original design completely and that saddened me. I created that first logo, and I didn't want to let it go. So we talked and there were a few more iterations, but lo and behold my new logo emerged. Still has the look of the first but I think it looks amazing. And no one will assume the name of the company is "I" seamless anymore. I hope you like it. It will slowly be replacing my old logos, please don't become confused and think there is another company out there with the same name. There is only one Seamless Home Inspection, LLC and I look forward to hearing your comments if you care to share them.

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