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What has made me an Inspector

I started my working life like most, at a fast-food restaurant. I was told to work hard and save money all my life. I wish I would have learned a different mantra earlier, but followed this advice. I found my first "real job" in the late 80's at the local steel foundry. There I worked for many years as a piece-worker, cleaning rail-car casting. If you aren't aware of what "piece-worker" means - It means the harder you work the more money you can make. So I worked hard. The steel foundry is a different world than most get to experience. In this place, there isn't any heat or air conditioning and the work environment is that of, let's say - Sodom and Gomorra. After 11 years as a piece worker, I was laid off. There was the occasional strike too.

At that time I took advantage of what the state was offering, training, college classes. I went to a local college and learned a little bit about design engineering. I finished my associated degree and starting looking for a job that had a better work environment


I found a few engineering positions but none really ever satisfied me. I eventually left the last one I had to move to Colorado in 2008. Here I found 2 more engineering positions and was laid off from both over a course of 6 years. Corporate America doesn't care who you are, how smart you are or what you say, they are cut-throat and they will say good-bye when they need to tighten the belt.

At that time, I decided to do something new.

I decided to go to home inspection training and learn all I could about doing home inspections. I attended online training (120 class hours) at American Home Inspecting Training (AHIT) and went a little further by attending the classroom too. Of course this was just the beginning. I have learned so much more from being in the field and constant ASHI CE classes. I have been certified through AHIT and passed the National Home Inspection Exam because I thought it would be good to have that under my belt.

I went to school in Orlando late 2017 to learn how to inspect commercial properties as well. Carson Dunlop Weldon (CDW) sent their vice president to Florida to teach the class. What a wealth of knowledge Richard Weldon has, I learned a lot from this man. I am now certified to perform property condition assessments and reports using the ASTM E2018 standards.

So that brings us to where we are now. I am a home inspector that also does commercial property inspections. I can do radon, sewer and mold services too. But more importantly, I am a person that has worked hard to get here, I was not born with a silver spoon, I've put my self through school, I have sought an education because I thought it mattered and I am here to offer you my experiences and knowledge. And, if that is not enough, teach me.

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