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remote home inspection

Don't want to be bothered with an inspector walking through your home? Why not schedule a remote inspection?

Call and schedule a 90 minute review of the home you are listing for a fraction of the cost of an onsite inspection. Using a cell phone, iPad or other mobile device; we will ask you to show us areas of your home inside and out and make comments on areas that appear to be "red flags". You will be asked to perform simple tasks like: Open and close windows or doors, test  GFCI receptacles, show us plumbing fixtures and drains, turn on ceiling fans, run water in the sink or shower/tub, operate the furnace or air conditioner, operate the garage door opener, and provide screen shots of serial numbers of common appliances like the furnace, water heater and A/C condensing unit. At times it may be necessary to remove readily accessible panels, but some panels don't even require tools. We will not ask you to do anything that would be dangerous, i.e. access the roof or remove the electric panel cover or crawl under the home. 


Feel free to call us for more details on our "Remote Inspection" service. Call 303-507-8172

Hey, we live in the 21st Century, it's the technology age, let's make the most of it!


We Do Remote Inspection

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